About Us

LMB Jewellery is managed by a dynamic Team, namely Zane, Robyn, Moeketsi, and Wendy.

All are well regarded and recognized in the industry, having worked in the diamond, jewellery, luxury watches, and precious metals industry for over 20 years. Combined they have wealth of knowledge, personal touch, integrity, and tradecraft.

At LMB Jewellery we manufacture top-end, high-quality jewellery at significantly better rates than your well know top brands, this is because our overheads are much lower. We do not have to have massive inventory or outrageous rental costs as compared to high-end shopping malls. We get you very competitive pricing as we supply the diamond and jewellery industry. Thus providing you the client with the best pricing possible and a larger variety.

We have an in-house design team. Using state-of-the-art CAD software to manufacture your one-of-a-kind unique design. Using a computer rendering model, you see exactly what your piece will look like. A 3D visual representation with which you can orientate, rotate and zoom in to see each finite detail. Allowing you to change any detail before the final piece is made.

The Team