How it works

Buy, Sell or Loan against your diamond?

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  • Firstly to remain transparent we ascertain under surveillance some distinguishing features in your stone whilst it stays in your hand so we are all on the same page regarding what your stone is. thus you know you always get your exact stone back even if do not conclude on the day.
  • We then grade the diamond according to the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, carat as well as weight). Note this is just an approximate and we are usually quite conservative since it is extremely difficult to grade the exact specifications whilst the stone is still set in the ring. Ultimately the stone is then removed from the ring whilst the client oversees the process. It is then thoroughly cleaned, weighed, and then graded concerning a master colour stone set to gauge the exact colour, and saturation and checked under a microscope to determine the exact inclusions to finalize the clarity rating. We also check if the stone has any fluorescence. If the diamond is lab-grown or natural, and if there may be a serial number inscribed on the girdle of the stone. Once we determined the cut grade we can give the final grading and then determine the pricing related to the Rand/Dollar rate and the current Rappaport. The final price is given in Rand and then offered to the client. The client is under no obligation and we welcome second opinions. The said stone can also be returned to the setting whilst the client observes. Note we can also advise on re-cutting the stone to specific parameters along with a few other trade secrets to get the optimum color, scintillation, and ‘Life’ in your stone.
  • We issue a no-obligation offer.
Diamond Grading